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MTB Trails GPS for Mountain Biking in Thailand 

Welcome to our mountain biking and cycling gps, trails, waypoints and maps from Thailand download page. Here are a few gps files to download which can be used with Garmin map source and then up loaded to your gps device or gps phone. 

Bangkok's serounding provinces have alot of potential for mountain biking and we are hoping to encurage mountain biking in Thailand and develop some more Single Track trails and cycling routes.

Mountain Bike Tours Thailand is a FREE mtb information sight, are doing our best to promote the sport of mountain biking in Thailand so please visit us regularly to see what new information and mtb trails GPS coordinates we have on our site. If you have any trails GPS'd or trail information you would like to share please upload gps files here.

Garmin Gps Trails, Tracks Thailand
Gps trail using garmin on N95
gps mountain bike trails thailand
N95 garmin mtb trails tracks thailand
singletrack garmin thailand
  Thailand mountain bike trails to download for Map source

Trying to find and follow trails in Thailand can be a big problem esspecilly when following off road as there aren't many that are well marked. A few people have tried to mark some of the trails but over time the signs become burnt or broken. The best things to have are either a good map or even better a Gps device or Gps Phone.

We have tried to put together a few trails to follow which can be downloaded.

gps garmin trail thailand N95

If you have a Garmin Gps device or a gps phone such as a Nokia N95 or N82 with a Garmin program Gps waypoints and trails can easily be downloaded to your PC then uploaded to your phone or gps device. The trail can then be followed using your Gps phone.

Garmin Map source
Mapsource is for your pc. You will need to install this program first. It can be downloaded from the garmin site. Unzip the file and open run MAIN first and after run the Setup. Done.

Next you will need a map to go with Map Thailand topo mapsource
Source. These can be bought or there are some for free. Most of the maps are road maps but there are also some topographical maps around, I found one topo map of Thailand which is free downloaded from a google search. 

The trail on the right is of Tam Patum with a topo map.

You can the using Map source on your PC upload the tracks and trail to your Gps device.

If using a phone you can now activate the trails zoom in and the can be easily folowed.

Below are some trails that can be downloaded to you pc and used with Garmin Map source.

If you have a gps trail to add please upload here

There not much here yet but below are a few trails to download.


Bangkok Easy cycling trail + Long tail boat click here!!

(Easy cycling sightseeing trail approx 12km of cycling)

Bangkok Medium cycling trail + long tail boat click here!!

(Medium cycling sightseeing trail approx 16 km of cycling)

Bangkok Twilight cycling trail 30km click here!!

(Twilight trail intermediate cycling approx 30km of cycling)

Kanchanaburi cycling trail Click Here!!

(Kanchanaburi cycling sightseeing trail, River Kwae trail, 17 km of riding)

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