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Bike for elephants 2013

Dear fellow cyclists, We would like to inform you about our upcoming event Bike for Elephants, organized by the Dutch Bring the Elephant Home foundation. During the weekend of the 19th and 20th of January 2012 we will bike to raise funds to support the Elephant Nature Park and to create awareness about the plight of Thai elephants. The Elephant Nature Park, in a beautiful mountain range north of Chiang Mai, is a safe home to rescued elephants that were previously abused and neglected. For this event, we kindly ask for your support. We hope that you can help us by promoting the event, sponsor materials, or maybe even start your own bike team and join the event.

Please check our website for additional information:

If you would like to receive more posters or information about the event: please do not hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Khun Tik at (083) 566 - 5223. I hope you can help us to make this event successful! Kind regards, Ms. Dutsadee Nilubol Trees for elephants project manager Bring the elephant home foundation

Why we Need to Develop Mountain Biking Trails in Thailand

10 1The potential for MTB in Thailand is endless. Bangkok itself and the surrounding provinces like Nonthaburi, Suphanburi and Ayutthaya are ultra flat but travel just a couple of hours in any direction and the mountainous terrain is amazing. Unfortunately for most Bangkokians don’t even know what all mountain or downhill mountain biking is all about and although I don’t want to knock XC MTBers the locals spend most of their biking time riding on flat boring dirt roads traveling as slow as possible and stopping now and again to point at and pick fruit from trees.

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Riding a Bicycle in Bangkok Thailand

picture 32Can you ride a bicycle in Bangkok?

The answer to this question surprisingly is, yes. There are even some cycle lanes in certain areas with elevated cycling paths in the Sukhumvit area and in the Banglamphu area near the famous Khaosan road there are free shopping type bicycles you can take out which are the brainchild of the present mayor of Bangkok in his first period of office along with the many cycling lanes in the area that have appeared in the last two years. 

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