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Phuthamonthon Singletrack new

Is it possible to have singletrack in Bangkok on the flat?

The answer is yes.


bkk-singletrackIf you ever went to Phuttamonthon sai 4 park in the past to do a bit of mountain biking then you will remember the old 10km or so singletrack trail that weaved in and out of the trees and over a few humps and tree stumps. Unfortunately this trail has now gone. But a new

Whoever made this trail has done an extremely good job. The start and the finish are at exactly the same points. The trail is smooth and twisty with lots of switch backs and a few custom made jumps. The jumps and obstacles are near the start of the trail which is good because you tend to be not so tired when riding over them. trail has appeared no more than 500 meters away from the old one.



offroad-biking-bangkokWhen starting the trail look for the white bridge and you will see around 4 trails leading off the road. Start with the trail that is closest to the top. If the trail crosses over a road look for the markings spray painted on the road with arrows.

What out for monitor lizards, turtles and nesting birds.




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