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Bangkok Urban Mountain Biking Twilight Trail

Bangkok Mountain Bike/Bicycle Twilight Night trail

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Bangkok Twilight Night Trail

This trail is for the cyclist who is looking for a bit of adventure . This trail is focused on cycling and seeing Bangkoks outer suburbs. We find that it is best to follow this trail at dusk as its cooler and half the trail is in day light and half in the dark. Sunday evening seems to be a good time to go because there is less traffic. The trail goes along the sides of miles of canals over rickity old bridges, across train tracks and along a maze of paths weaving through traditional Thai houses and temples.

The trip starts from the Pinklao area of Bangkok. A good time to start is at around 4pm to 5 pm, Eventually after about 20 mins of riding through the hustle and bustle you reach a footbridge and you will have to carry your bikes over and you are out of Bangkok. Next the trail enters a maze of quiet raised foot paths, cross some railway tracks and over a rickety old bridge. You can then ride to chiya pruk temple following the road.


daveThe trail then continues on heading away from Bangkok passing all kinds of sights with some interesting paths for the cyclist. The raised walkways are about 1 1/2 meters wide, are made of concrete and are positioned next to or in the canals, there are some tricky bits to pass as the footpaths go up and down, left and right and sometimes have drops on each side.

Eventually you will arrive at a friendly local shop which is marked on the map for some refreshments or if you like a cold beer.

After the shop stop the sun goes down and its night time you can continue along the canals with some great biking as you can weave through the houses and over the canals. Continue on roads and canal elevated paths, there is a chance on some of the elevated paths of seeing frogs, bats, monitor lizard and fireflies.


For this trail we would recommenced using a mountain bike and lights are essential. Also its a good idea to take a spare inner-tube and pump.
Although there are plenty of stops to stop at a bottle of water is handy.

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 Map of the trail



Download Trail for garmin mapsource Here .gdb file!